[plt-scheme] Re: Programming for non-programmers

From: Richard Cleis (rcleis at mac.com)
Date: Thu Oct 14 11:59:39 EDT 2004

Thanks for the tip; I found the following reference.  Now I need to 
find out if he used Scheme.

Numerical evidence that the motion of Pluto is chaotic,"
Gerald Jay Sussman and Jack Wisdom, in Science, 241, 22 July 1988.

>>  what if programmers don't feel that they are limited?
> [Sorry no rotten tomatoes please.]
> The average programmer has never ever any incentive to become more 
> productive. His boss is happy, his paycheck comes in on time, his 
> hours are okay, what else does he want?

No offense taken.  After 20 years, I am beginning to suspect myself!

> Can you show them that you can accomplish more than they can? Even if 
> you can, it wouldn't change their mind until they are told to perform 
> at your level.

I am trying, and want to begin another phase: some local seminars; that 
is why I entered this thread.  Chart-1 can contain the Sussman-Pluto 
example.  The Subaru Telescope Project is another (they use Lisp for 
Observatory planning and scheduling).  My own successes with telescope 
control can complete a triple-play: analysis, management, and 
engineering.  However...
> Killer apps? That's a content question, not a tool question.

...I have little experience in teaching Scheme, so I was looking for 
Killer *presentation* ideas that are likely to Foster more interest in 
programming in the language.

> -- Matthias
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