[plt-scheme] Questions about modules in embedded system

From: Geoff Schmidt (gschmidt at mit.edu)
Date: Thu Oct 7 23:36:17 EDT 2004

Thanks a lot -- I have everything working now, using eval as you 

> Yes. That's pretty much how mzc --exe works.

I read the code in collects/compiler/embed.ss and it does exactly what 
I (think I) want, except that I'd like to capture the expressions that 
it writes to a file instead of have them embedded in an executable. 
Then it would be sufficient to call load on this file with the 
read-accept-compiled parameter true, right?

I'd like to split a routine out of embed.ss that takes the same 
mod-list, literal-file-list, and literal-sexpr arguments as 
make-embedding-executable, but writes the resulting expressions to the 
current output port. make-embedding-executable could call this 
function, and it could be used directly. Would you take such a patch? 
If so, what should the function be named, and would you like a mzc 
option too?

"za" would be a fitting extension for such a file as its relation to a 
"zo" is similar to that of an "a" to an "o".

I assume 299 is the development branch for version 300? Does 300 have 
an ETA? How stable is 299?


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