[plt-scheme] Questions about modules in embedded system

From: Geoff Schmidt (gschmidt at mit.edu)
Date: Thu Oct 7 16:32:46 EDT 2004

> This isn't an answer to your question, but out of curiosity, why did 
> you decide not to use the PLT Scheme GUI libraries?

One reason is historical -- I started out in Guile, so I already had 
some code that used this structure. I switched to PLT for better 
portability (especially to Windows) and better-packaged third party 
software. (FTR, what I miss most about Guile so far is first class 
dynamic roots.)

One reason is technological -- OS X has some very nice GUI frameworks 
and tools that it inherited from NeXT, which I could go on about at 
length. Also, applications written in the "standard OS X" way get a lot 
of OS integration (drag and drop, system events, Applescript, etc) for 
free. Also, it would be difficult to replicate some OS X widgets such 
as drawers using the PLT tools, and it would be more difficult to 
completely follow Apple's Human Interface Guidelines. In development 
platforms, I like to break as little new ground as possible :)

One reason is personal preference -- it's always seemed to me that GUIs 
written using an OS's native tools have a more consistent look and feel 
than those that use cross-platform toolkits.


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