[plt-scheme] Scheme or Lisp?

From: Tim Johnson (tim at johnsons-web.com)
Date: Mon Oct 4 23:15:23 EDT 2004

I would welcome comments that would aid me in making a choice between
learning scheme or lisp.

My specific circumstances are that my income comes primarily from
web-based database programming. 

Although I've learned at least a dozen programming languages in my time,
I concentrate primarily on C, python, and rebol these days. Rebol, not
well known, appears (to me) to be the most scheme(or lisp)-like, and my
experience with rebol has lead to my interest in scheme/lisp.

All of the languages that I currently work in have robust resources for
CGI, database access and web content rendering. It appears that both
scheme and lisp communities provide such resources as well. 

My R&D time and budget is limited, I'd like to investigate both
languages thoroughly, but that is probably not feasible.

Comments, pointers to existing discussions on this subject will be
appreciated. I'm not interested in introducing an argument over

Tim Johnson <tim at johnsons-web.com>

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