[plt-scheme] SrPersist Sources (Linux)

From: Toon Verwaest (verwaest at camden.be)
Date: Mon May 17 12:21:14 EDT 2004

Mmmh, don't seem to be getting an answer...
And since its kinda urgent, is the srpersist
perhaps included in the cvs-tree? Or aint
there a cvstree for linux...? I'm using the
srpersist (in combination with an own version
of schemeql) in a project that has to be finished
in a few days, so it would be nice to have this
problem solved as fast as possible...

greetz & tnx,

On (17/05/04 06:02), Daniel Silva wrote:
> Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 06:02:55 -0500
> From: Daniel Silva <daniel.silva at gmail.com>
> To: Toon Verwaest <camden at camden.be>
> Subject: Re: [plt-scheme] SrPersist Sources (Linux)
> Cc: plt-scheme at po.cs.brown.edu
> On Mon, 17 May 2004 12:40:34 +0200, Toon Verwaest <camden at camden.be> wrote:
> > 
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> > 
> > I'm trying to install SchemeQL on my Gentoo Linux, but I'm having
> > some troubles on installing srpersist. I found the srpersist
> > sources on the server, but it seems that if I setup-plt those,
> > it doesn't do much... After installing I have a srpersist folder
> > with some file etc, but schemeql is still errorring out because
> > he misses the srpmain.ss file, that should be located in private
> > (where there is only a sigs file)
> > 
> > Any ideas on how to correctly install the sources?
> > 
> You need to build the C sources in plt/src/srpersist
> Make sure you read the README file, because it has some information
> concerning what you need to edit in the Makefile.
> Daniel

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