[plt-scheme] empty-tag-shorthand and other feature requests

From: David Van Horn (dvanhorn at cs.uvm.edu)
Date: Tue May 18 09:53:16 EDT 2004

There is a bug in MS IE such that a tag <script src="foo.js /> in the head of 
a document will cause the entire document to appear blank.  Using the 
equivalent <script src="foo.js></script> makes IE happy.

Using the empty-tag-shorthand parameter, it is not easy to express "all tags 
except <script> should use the shorthand notation".  Could this parameter be 
changed to a function of type symbol -> bool?

(The web server seems to be smart enough to do longhand notation for script by 

Also, I would like to see a parameter for display-xml/content that allows the 
programmer to specify certain elements that should not be pretty-printed (ie, 
use write-xml/content for those elements).  I'd really appreciate readable 
HTML (not on one line), but inserting whitespace in some elements breaks 
things pretty bad.

It would also be nice if the web server had a few parameters that could be set 
by servlet code, such as the xexpr->string function (so display-xml/content 
could be used during development and write-xml/content could be used when 
speed matters), and a doctype declaration parameter.  As far as I can tell, a 
servlet can't produce valid XHTML (when using xexpr responses) since there 
isn't a way to include a doctype declaration before the root html element.


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