[plt-scheme] Re: Visual Studio .NET ...easier than PLT Scheme

From: Alex Peake (alex.peake at comac.com)
Date: Fri Jan 30 10:49:32 EST 2004

"...This speaks for wizards in DrScheme. They'd be easy to add. We could spit out tons of
scaffolding in no time." -- Matthias

"...Isn't the point of higher-level languages to abstract out `boilerplate'?" -- Joe Marshall

IMHO, anyone creating significant applications in PLT Scheme would not be struggling with "wizard"
type stuff. That is why many of us are in Scheme in the first place.

GUI (re-use of already developed stuff), interop (with COM/.NET) and documentation (examples,
tutorials) are where the big wins are to be had (IMHO).


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