[plt-scheme] Re: PLT Scheme v206 available

From: Peter Santoro (psantoro at att.net)
Date: Thu Jan 29 09:43:02 EST 2004

Eli Barzilay wrote:
> On Jan 28, Peter Santoro wrote:
>>I'm having trouble building mzscheme from source on linux (slackware
>>9.1 with updates).  It looks like changes where made to the
>>installer and the mzscheme collects/test source from the previous
>>version.  The output from running the install script follows:
> Yes, this has managed to avoid the piece of code that makes sure that
> the mzscheme packages do not have any mred/drscheme dependencies left
> in.  It is fixed, but as an immediate solution you can just remove the
> whole collects/tests directory.

I tried this suggestion, but I get errors about missing 

>>The previous version only has a utils directory under collects/tests.

I removed everything under collects/tests except the utils directory 
(and its contents) and it appears to build fine now.

> Yes, all tests now moved to collects/tests, and they are all shipped
> with source distributions.

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