[plt-scheme] Re: PLT Scheme v206 available

From: Peter Santoro (psantoro at att.net)
Date: Wed Jan 28 09:45:33 EST 2004

I'm having trouble building mzscheme from source on linux (slackware 9.1 
with updates).  It looks like changes where made to the installer and 
the mzscheme collects/test source from the previous version.  The output 
from running the install script follows:

Running setup...
setup-plt: Setup version is 206
setup-plt: PLT home directory is /opt/plt
setup-plt: Collection paths are
setup-plt:   /opt/plt/collects
setup-plt: Warning: collection-path: collection not found: 
"tests/drscheme" in any of: ("/opt/plt/collects")
setup-plt: don't know how to compile collection: (tests drscheme)

The directory "tests/drscheme" is indeed missing from the original 
gzipped tar file, but perhaps an mzscheme install should not be looking 
for drscheme stuff.  I briefly looked at the install script and I'm by 
no means an expert, but the collects/tests/info.ss file contains a 
reference to this missing directory.  Perhaps this is an error?  In 
addition, this file contains a reference to tests/framework, but not 
tests/mzscheme.  Are these also potential errors that I've just not hit yet?

The previous version only has a utils directory under collects/tests.

As I am not an expert in the plt install scripts, what is the correct 
way to fix this problem?  I do not want to install the entire drscheme 

Thank you,

Peter Santoro

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