[plt-scheme] changes to file-position aren't captured by read-syntax ?

From: Felix Klock's plt proxy (pltscheme at pnkfx.org)
Date: Fri Jan 16 17:03:10 EST 2004


Alright, I've been writing some code that loads and evaluates 
expressions from a file that has some Scheme code intermixed with other 

In the process, I have encountered some problems with the interactions 
between (file-position port k) and (read-syntax ...)

Specifically, it seems like when you change the file position, and then 
do read-syntax, read-syntax acts like the stream has not been changed, 
and continues assigning location numbers incrementally.

Here is a small test case that exposes the problem:

(let ((fname "isolate-test-file-2")
       (so->d syntax-object->datum))
   (call-with-output-file fname
     (lambda (output)
       (write '(car '(a b c)) output)))
   (call-with-input-file fname
     (lambda (input)
       (let ((R (lambda () (read-syntax fname input))))
         (let* ((start-pos (file-position input))
                (s1 (R)) (s1-pos (syntax-position s1)))
           (file-position input start-pos)
           (let* ((s2 (R)) (s2-pos (syntax-position s2)))
             (display `((s1: ,(so->d s1) s1-pos: ,s1-pos)
                        (s2: ,(so->d s2) s2-pos: ,s2-pos))) 

When I evaluate this expression in a directory with no 
"isolate-test-file-2" file, mzscheme outputs:

  ((s1: (car (quote (a b c))) s1-pos: 1) (s2: (car (quote (a b c))) 
s2-pos: 22))

But I would really prefer to see s2-position equal 1.  Otherwise the 
DrScheme debugger goes totally off course when displaying source for 
the stack trace.

Any thoughts?


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