[plt-scheme] cgi script XP problem

From: Christian Wagenknecht (c.wagenknecht at hs-zigr.de)
Date: Sat Jan 3 09:15:34 EST 2004

What I'm figured out is that a script like the following one works well 
with Apache 2 (v. 2.0.48 binaries for Win; 5865 kB). The installation is 
quite easy and can be done quickly.

#!C:/Programme/PLT/mzscheme -r
(require (lib "cgi.ss" "net"))
(display  "content-type: text/html") (newline)
(display "<HTML>")(newline)
(display "<HEAD><TITLE>cgi-script's response</TITLE></HEAD>")(newline)
(display "<BODY>")(newline)
(display "cgi-method = ")(display (get-cgi-method))(newline)
(display "</BODY>")(newline)
(display "</HTML>")(newline)

Up to now I'm unable to get the cgi-things work with the webserver 
DrScheme comes with.

-- Christian

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