[plt-scheme] SchemeQL - unspecified error in get-diag-field

From: Zane Shelby (saitoh at ucsc.edu)
Date: Mon Apr 26 20:41:29 EDT 2004

I'm trying to use SchemeQL on WinXP. I can apprently connect to the 
database just fine, but when I try to add a new table I keep running 
into the following error:

Unspecified error in get-diag-field

Versions are:

DBMS: MySQL 4.0.18
ODBC: MySWL Connector/ODBC 3.51
DrScheme: v206p1
SrPersist: v206p1
SchemeQL: 0.05

Any help on or off list would be appreciated. Some searching revealed 
thread, but it doesn't look like the matter was ever truly concluded.

Thank you for your time,

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