[plt-scheme] Web-server and servlet

From: schemer (schemer at avl.com.cn)
Date: Sat Apr 10 20:43:20 EDT 2004


Thank you for all of your suggestions last time. 

Now I have read the documents about the Web-server and servlet and can write 
some simple servlets. But I still have two problems: 


In the Help-Desk -- Documentation for the web-server collection, there is 
one topic "Developing Servlets", which says "require the module servlet 
development library.  (require (lib "develop-servlet.ss"))".  Doing so  
raise the error : open-input-file: cannot open input file: "C:\Program 
Files\plt\collects\mzlib\develop-servlet.ss". I searched my hard disk and 
still can't find a file with name"develop-servlet". 


Using send/suspend, I can get a single input from a Web form. But how to 
handle several inputs from a Web form? For example, the add.ss example in 
DrScheme use two web page to get the two numbers to add. How two get them 
in one form? 

(To Matthias: I didn't have any problem in using my mailbox. )

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