[plt-scheme] Unicode, take 3

From: Richard C. Cobbe (cobbe at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Fri Apr 2 08:35:10 EST 2004

Lo, on Friday, April 2, Paul Schlie did write:

> I may easily be wrong, but simply perceive that the most productive
> societies have adopted a single common alphabet/language

Well, that's likely true, although I don't have any evidence for the
claim one way or the other.

Saying that, however, is a very different thing than claiming that
programming languages that allow the use of arbitrary character sets in
identifiers lead to unmaintainable code, which is how I understood your
original claim.

An interesting question: in those languages which allow (essentially)
arbitrary Unicode strings as identifier names, how many programs
actually take advantage of this capacity, as opposed to just sticking to
straight ASCII?


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