[plt-scheme] Unicode, take 3

From: Grzegorz Chrupała (grzegorz at pithekos.net)
Date: Thu Apr 1 17:21:18 EST 2004

On Thu 01 Apr 2004 23:21, Paul Schlie wrote:
> I don't suspect the commercial world has any room for languages which
> enables code to be composed from an arbitrary collection of
> characters and languages, as it would become essentially
> un-maintainable. (guess it depends on what the goals for the language
> are)
Many widely-used commercial languages allow source code to contain 
Unicode characters. For example Java and Perl. 
I don't see how it has anything to do with maintainability, as long as 
programmers write in a language their colleagues can understand. That 
Swahili uses ASCII doesn't make programs written in it any more 
comprehensible to me than ones in  Korean or Thai as I don't speak 
either of those.
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