[plt-scheme] how to write a web sever

From: schemer (schemer at avl.com.cn)
Date: Thu Apr 1 09:42:43 EST 2004

>Do you want to write:
>a) a webserver? OR
>b) a program that runs within a webserver?
>They are quite different things.  If the former you'll
>want to read at least the HTTP spec and learn about
>PLT Scheme's TCP ports.  For the latter you'll want to
>read about 'servlets' in Help Desk, and look at some
>of the examples provided with PLT Scheme.
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Thank you. 

I want to write the latter. The documentation for the web-server 
collection in Help Desk is helpful. But where is "some of the 
examples provided with PLT Scheme"? 

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