[plt-scheme] libmzgc.a, libmzscheme.a on Mac OS X?

From: Michael Manti (mmanti at mac.com)
Date: Thu Apr 1 07:48:47 EST 2004


Thanks for the suggestion. As it turns out, none of the installers--X11 
or Aqua, .dmg or .sh--includes the appropriate files. (I assume that 
these are static libraries? I know nothing of C/C++ compilation.) After 
more hunting and experimentation, I discovered that the binary 
distributions at 
http://download.plt-scheme.org/scheme/binaries/ppc-osx-mac/ do.

Now I get a different error upon compile:

ld: table of contents for archive: 
/Users/michaelmanti/usr/local/plt/lib/libmzgc.a is out of date; rerun 
ranlib(1) (can't load from it)
ld: table of contents for archive: 
/Users/michaelmanti/usr/local/plt/lib/libmzscheme.a is out of date; 
rerun ranlib(1) (can't load from it)
make[1]: *** [Vim] Error 1
make: *** [myself] Error 2

So, I'm off to try the source distribution.

Thanks for the pointer, though. It got me looking in the right places.


On Apr 1, 2004, at 6:27 AM, Eli Barzilay wrote:

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> On Apr  1, Michael Manti wrote:
>> Folks,
>> I'm trying to compile Sergey Khorev's MzVim, but gcc complains that
>> libmzgc.a and libmzscheme.a are unavailable. I see that they are not
>> in /Applications/PLT Scheme v206/lib subdirectory, but mzdyn.o
>> is. (I used the Mac OS X installer for DrScheme.)
>> Do I need to download and compile the source? Which flags do I need
>> to set? Any help would be greatly appreciated; I can't find any
>> hints on the web.
> This is just a shot in the dark since I don't know much about the OSX
> issues, but the XonX thing is much closer to a plain Unix tree.  This
> is the "Darwin X11" release.  (The installer is a self extracting
> shell script -- like other Unix installations.)
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