[plt-scheme] mysterx problem

From: Bruce Butterfield (bab at entricom.com)
Date: Fri Nov 7 13:54:34 EST 2003

On Fri, 2003-11-07 at 10:20, Joe Marshall wrote:

> > Has mysterx been tested with Win2K? Is everybody else out there running
> > it successfully? Thanks for any ideas.
> I'm using every day (on WinXP, though).
> I seem to recall having run into the problem before, but I haven't yet
> remembered what the solution is.
> When you ran setup-plt, did you specify the --clean flag?
> Did you try it with --verbose so that you can see what happens when it
> gets to the mysterx collection?

Thanks - the --verbose flag did it. The DLLs were installed in
plt\collects\mysterx\private\precompiled\native\win32\i386 by default
and after looking at mysterx\installer.ss the search path needs to be
plt\collects\mysterx\private\compiled\native\win32\i386, so I created
the dir, stuffed in the DLLs and wallah!

So it looks like the installer is broke but in the meantime I'm as happy
as I can be for a person that's forced to use this *#^#$&^ excuse for an
OS. Thanks again.

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