[plt-scheme] servlet problem - solved

From: Elisa Manara (e at entropika.net)
Date: Wed May 28 09:46:28 EDT 2003

Elisa Manara <e at entropika.net> wrote:
> Whereas on my local machine the servlet works fine, on that host it refuses to
> run, giving a "reference to undefined identifier" error for each identifier that appears
> before its definition into the loaded file.
> Note that, when running as CGI, the same pair of files work correctly also on
> that host.

My problem's analysis was totally wrong, moreover I misinterpreted the errors.
The program communicates with MySQL through a simple MySQL extension that I
wrote. The connection to db failed, due to the incorrect setting of an environment 
variable (MYSQL_UNIX_PORT), the error was not trapped (actually I don't know
why) and it propagated producing those misleading error messages.
When running as CGI with Apache, the same problem doesn't reveal because the
program is executed with a different environment.

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