[plt-scheme] Macro question

From: mcj4 at ukc.ac.uk (mcj4 at ukc.ac.uk)
Date: Sat May 24 06:03:03 EDT 2003

> BTW, I couldn't reproduce your #%app not bound error...

With my first attempt at the macro:

> (let ([v (make-vector 5)]) (bind ([v c1 c2]) v.c1))
compile: bad syntax; function application is not allowed, because no #%app syntax 
transformer is bound in: (vector-ref v 0)

I'm getting it into the environment via 'mzscheme -t <file>'.

Having the 'vec.name' naming is important to me, both practically and so I understand 
better how to lexically introduce new names into the environment with a macro. However, 
I can certainly work with what you tossed out, and it wins points for clarity.


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