[plt-scheme] Writing Bytes into a file

From: Ed Cavazos (proteus at theworld.com)
Date: Fri May 23 14:50:35 EDT 2003

For writing, you can encode an 8-bit integer into a char, and then
write that char to a file. Reading is similar. So for example, you
could use these functions:


(define read-byte
  (lambda (port)
    (char->integer (read-char port))))

(define write-byte
  (lambda (byte port)
    (write-char (integer->char byte) port)))


MzScheme also provides the "integer->integer-byte-string" and
"integer-byte-string->integer" functions which help when converting
values larger than 8-bits into low-level representations.

"Djos" <djos06 at wanadoo.fr> writes:

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> are there any fonctions like these , to write bytes into a file , with plt
> scheme ?
> (write-byte byte binary-output-port) ; writes an exact 8-bit integer and
> returns an unspecified value
> (read-byte binary-input-port)  ; returns an exact integer, or an end-of-file
> object
> (I found these functions here :
> http://www.cs.hmc.edu/~fleck/envision/user-manual/binary-files.html )

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