[plt-scheme] cross platform data persistence

From: Rohan Nicholls (rohan.nicholls at informaat.nl)
Date: Fri May 23 04:49:41 EDT 2003

Thanks for that Don, yes I was debating between a platform (scheme) gui 
and a web interface.  I was leaning towards the web solution, as that is 
also where my expertise lies, but the way this is starting is to be run 
locally on one machine for my friend, and then it might expand in the 
future in which case I will be thinking along those lines, but now that 
you mention it, and I am setting up an intranet anyway, I might as well 
just make it a web app. 

>Provided all your users can access the webserver, you get huge
>advantages from serving the data from one location: OS independence;
>no client software or data installations or versioning; and perhaps
>most important, it becomes an interactive system.  If this is a
>database by naturopathic doctors for natuopathic doctors, then likely
>the users will want to make updates, corrections, and additions.  The
>possibilities are really endless.
This is exactly what it is even if it will only start out for one, that 
one will be doing exactly these things to it.

Thanks for the advice, now to get the network up and running.:)



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