[plt-scheme] SrPersist, Bus error

From: Matt Jadud (mjadud at cs.indiana.edu)
Date: Wed May 21 18:41:17 EDT 2003

Hello all,

I believe I've followed all the steps to compile both the 3.0.6 ODBC SDK
(v3.5 drivers) for OSX and SrPersist. At least, everything makes and
installs. I have a (precompiled) install of Postgres 7.3 running on localhost.
I have been working with it via spgsql without problem (put another way, I know
things are working, somewhere).

I've re-read Anton's thread from March re: his efforts with SrPersist/SchemeQL,
just in case there was anything I could glean. Gleaning, I believe, did not

Attempting to use 'connect-to-database' from SchemeQL throws a bus error, and
I'm back at the command prompt. This was first discovered in DrScheme, which
quietly (respectfully, even), vanishes immediately. It was kinda neat.

> (require (lib "srpersist.ss" "srpersist"))
SisterPersist ODBC extension for PLT Scheme
Copyright (c) 1999-2002 PLT (Paul Steckler)
> (require (lib "schemeql.ss" "schemeql"))
> (sister-ver)
> (define henv (alloc-env))
> (define hdbc (alloc-conn> ect henv))
> (connect hdbc "db" "uname" "pwd")
Unspecified error in connect

For a variety of reasons, I'm confident that I've missed something, but I'm not
sure what. Obviously. I'd provide more info, but don't know what would be good
to provide at this point.

Constructive thoughts or requests for mor info appreciated.


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