[plt-scheme] cross platform data persistence

From: Francisco Solsona (solsona at acm.org)
Date: Tue May 20 18:59:09 EDT 2003

Rohan Nicholls <rohan.nicholls at informaat.nl> writes:


> I would love some advice on this, as usually I use relational db's for
> this, but there are none that operate on all the platforms that plt
> does, and I think transparency is the most important issue at the
> moment, which unfortunately rdbms files are not.  Which brings up
> another question.   Is there a rdbms implemented in scheme?  A quick
> google has revealed projects planning to but no results, yet.  I know
> nothing about implementing databases, how difficult would it be?  Any
> pointers?

<shameless advertisement warning:saw> How about ODBC via SrPersist, or
better yet, SchemeQL?  I'm pretty sure there most be at least a couple
DBMSs that work on Mac*, and if you restrict your database interaction
to SQL92, it should be fairly easy to move between DBMSs. 

SrPersist ships with PLT Scheme, and you can get SchemeQL from


I've never used Mac*, though. :-(

OTOH, SLIB supports relational databases:


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