[plt-scheme] best servlet development approach?

From: Jon Buffington (jcbuffington at mac.com)
Date: Sat May 17 19:41:20 EDT 2003

After reading the documentation for the web-server collection, I tried 
to test a servlet in DrScheme. I followed the directions in the 
web-server collection, under "Developing Servlets":

> To develop module based servlets, open the module in DrScheme's
> definitions window.  After clicking the Execute button, require the
> module servlet development library.
>   (require (lib "develop-servlet.ss"))
> Then use the develop-servlet function to interact with the servlet
> using a Web browser.
>   (develop-servlet start)

I have not been able to find the file, "develop-servlet.ss", after 
building DrScheme from CVS release 204.2 on Mac OS X. Is the 
documentation incorrect? If so, what is the best approach for testing 
servlets in DrScheme?

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