[plt-scheme] Using scheme-unit from DrScheme

From: Noel Welsh (noelwelsh at yahoo.com)
Date: Fri May 9 06:08:27 EDT 2003

--- Michael Vanier <mvanier at cs.caltech.edu> wrote:
> (BTW, it was a truly brilliant idea to include

Credit to Ryan C for doing it.

> The dialog box says to
> "enter an expression that will evaluate to a test or
> list of tests in the
> text box".  What kind of expression is that?

Basically its an expression that will evaluate to a
test-suite in the context of whatever is in the
DrScheme buffer.

So in the case of SchemeUnit, all the tests are
grouped into all-schemeunit-tests.ss  Rewrite the file

(require "test.ss"

(define all-tests
  "All SchemeUnit Tests"
  (make-test-case "Intended to fail" (fail))
  (make-test-case "Also intended to fail" (assert-eq?*
'apples 'orange))
  (make-test-case "Intended to throw error" (error
'testing "<<This is an error message>>"))

and then the expression to enter in the box is


> Is there a tutorial for this floating around 
> somewhere?

Yes.  Check the PLT archives for this post ;-)

No, there is nothing I'm aware of.  Should someone
feel motivated to write one we would happily include
it in the next release of SchemeUnit.


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