[plt-scheme] 204 linux PLT installation and SRFI 4

From: George Demmy (gdemmy at member.fsf.org)
Date: Thu May 8 15:12:37 EDT 2003

I've built the plt 204 release on linux, and found that SRFI 4 won't
work "out of the box" on unix with the "configure - make - make
install" dance. The module loads collects/srfi/4/tests.ss, which, in
turn, does

(load (build-path (collection-path "mzlib") 'up 'up "tests"
                  "mzscheme" "testing.ss")

I discovered this by fat-fingering -- I don't use SRFI 4. However, I
did take a quick look at the code, and it was not intuitively obvious
to this casual observer that test.ss should be loaded by default when
loading SRFI 4. A "just make it work" fix is to patch (at end) the
plt/src/Makefile.in file before doing configure. I've done an install
with the patched file, and you can (require (lib "4.ss" "srfi")) just
fine. It's a sledgehammer approach -- it copies the entire "tests"
directory to the prefix directory.

Having the SRFIs included with the core distribution is really nice.
Thanks for putting them in there!


--- Makefile.in Thu May  8 14:48:27 2003
+++ Makefile.in Thu May  8 14:48:11 2003
@@ -88,5 +88,6 @@
        cp -p -r $(srcdir)/../include $(prefix)/.
        cp -p -r $(srcdir)/../notes $(prefix)/.
        cp -p -r $(srcdir)/../man $(prefix)/.
+       cp -p -r $(srcdir)/../tests $(prefix)/.
        if [ -d $(srcdir)/../teachpack ] ; then  cp -r $(srcdir)/../teachpack $(prefix)/teachpack ; fi
        if [ @MZINSTALLTARGET@ = "normal-install" ] ; then cp -p $(srcdir)/../install $(prefix)/install ; fi

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