[plt-scheme] module-begin change in 203->204?

From: Daniel Hagerty (hag at linnaean.org)
Date: Thu May 8 02:36:25 EDT 2003

    I think this changed in 203->204.  The following example
definitely behaves differently under 202 vs 204.  204 will error this,
whereas earlier will evaluate it.  Was it an intentional effect?  I
happen to be relying on this in my present hacking.

(module langdata mzscheme
  (provide b)
  (define b 27))

(module modlang mzscheme
  (provide (all-from-except mzscheme #%module-begin))

  (provide (rename my-modbegin #%module-begin))
  (define-syntax (my-modbegin stx)
    (syntax-case stx ()
      ((_ F E ...)
	  (require "langdata.ss")
	  F E ...

(module uselang "modlang.ss"
  (printf "Is this 27? ~a~n" b)

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