[plt-scheme] domain language hacking, and arguing with the module system

From: Daniel Hagerty (hag at linnaean.org)
Date: Fri May 2 05:52:16 EDT 2003

Daniel Silva <dansilva at lynx.dac.neu.edu> writes:

> Have you tried namespace-require and dynamic-require?

    Yes; they don't match what I need as quite as well.
namespace-require side effects the top level environment to get values
into the view of module's runtime.  This would be bad in my
application; I'm looking for module scope.

dynamic-require doesn't map the required's modules exports in, except
for its return value.

    For what I'm doing, the module system's provide/require seems the
right way to go.  I'm pretty sure I can get something that will work
from a top level driver script.  I'm wondering if there's anyway that
I could get it to work from the module system tho.   If I spell
everything out to the transparent repl and say go, with lots of
debugging printfs, I'm still not really grokking the why of
everything's evaluation.

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