[plt-scheme] domain language hacking, and arguing with the module system

From: Daniel Hagerty (hag at linnaean.org)
Date: Thu May 1 14:30:03 EDT 2003

    I've been hacking on a domain language in my copious free time;
mzscheme seems rather well suited for this.  I only wish I were more
competent at it.

    I'm having a lot of trouble with how I would like to interact with
the module system.  mzscheme's module system looks like it'll give me
exactly what I want, but there are devils in the details -- I need to
name the modules I want to require with a little indirection.

    I want to be able to say things like
(define foo-release
(define bar-release

(require (release foo-release "foo.ss"))
(require (release foo-release "baz.ss"))
(require (release bar-release "bar.ss"))

where the require form effectively becomes
(require (file "./release/foo_stable_2003_02_19_beta_RELEASE_2003_03_12/foo.ss"))

(by way of fiddling with the module-name-resolver)

    However, this approach seems a little problematic given the
compile time nature of require.  I've been flailing around at this,
but thus far have failed to come up something that actually works.  I
can get something that works a little further with something like

(define-release ...)

where define-release is a macro that communicates with the
module-namespace-resolver through a shared module, but that still doesn't

I'm playing around with printf'ing the world.  The exact sequence of
when modules get compiled/evaled and particurlarly the
module-name-resolver and its data module give hints as to the nature
of the problem, but I'm at a loss how to get What I Want from all
this.  I don't know if I'm going about this the right way, or if I
want is readily achievable.

Any free clues for the clueless?  If I need to explain the bigger
picture of "why are you trying to do this to yourself?", I can do so.

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