[plt-scheme] FYI - MysterX on XP with .NET COM Wrappers

From: Alex K. Angelopoulos (aka at mvps.org)
Date: Mon Mar 31 12:01:29 EST 2003

Just a quick note that may be of interest to some people working with COM and/or
.NET on Windows and who use MysterX for this.

I tested some COM callable wrappers for .NET assemblies on Windows PCs this
morning, and decided to check how a couple of demo objects worked with MysterX
as well; this was done using MysterX 203.6 and a demo assembly with multiple
interfaces written in C# and compiled via VS 2003 Beta (7.1.2292), running with
framework version 1.1.4322.

It turns out that all three standard class interface types, AutoDual,
AutoDispatch, and None, work fine.

Display of methods and properties is restricted just like it would be in a
typelib browser.

If the class uses an autodispatch interface, nothing can be browsed.  If the
interface type is set to "None" in .NET, with no interfaces explicitly exposed,
the _Object interface and its default methods/properties such as ToString are
picked up appropriately.  If interface is set to AutoDual, everything including
the base _Object interface is exposed.

I haven't had a chance to check on event handling yet, primarily because I can't
get that to work for late bound clients where it _should_ work yet, but it looks
like MysterX can handle standard COM-callable wrappers for .NET with no


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