[plt-scheme] Problems with mzc

From: Nicolas Chevallier (nicolas-chevallier at wanadoo.fr)
Date: Sun Mar 30 08:21:58 EST 2003

I have some questions about mzc:

- when I try to compile with 
mzc --object --embedded __.ss
I get this error:
__.ss:1/211: unquote: not in quasiquote in: (unquote (lib
"number-snip.ss" "drscheme" "private"))

I must remove the comments in boxes to make it work... Maybe a little

- I try to produce an executable that embeds the MrEd engine on Windows
XP with Visual Studio 6
    - I make a _loader.obj
    - how can i link this to mred?
(on linux ./mzmake EEAPP=MyApp EEOBJECTS="__.o _loader.o" ee-app )
    - is it possible to produce executables that don't need DLL?


Nicolas Chevallier

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