[plt-scheme] problem with draw-bitmap method

From: Berticolas Copimasso (bicuit2fois at yahoo.fr)
Date: Thu Mar 27 08:21:00 EST 2003

we are trying to use transparent gif with a jpeg
backgroung on drscheme vs 203.

we make the bitmap with 

(define thegif (make-object  bitmap% "nameOfGif.gif"

then we try to draw the bitmap on the drawing context

(send dc (draw-bitmap thegif x y 'solid (make-object
color% "black") (send thegif get-loaded-mask)))

it doesn't work, shows nothing , and return #f 

when we try to draw the mask, it draws a transparent
black image .

if anyone has any idea about how to make transparent
gif work properly please send help, or an example of
your code.

thanks a lot. 

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