[plt-scheme] Scheme UK Meeting: 2 April 2003

From: Noel Welsh (noelwelsh at yahoo.com)
Date: Wed Mar 26 09:08:20 EST 2003

Scheme UK Meeting: 2 April 2003

The next meeting of the Scheme UK user's group
will be held on Wednesday, 2 April 2003 from 7pm
till whenever everyone has left.  The meeting will
take place at the offices of LShift (see
http://www.lshift.net/contact.html for

Johannes Flieger will present material on resource
logics and linear logic, following on from his
talk last month on propositional logic.

Matt Jadud will present Scorth: A Scheme compiler
for the LEGO Mindstorm

The LEGO Mindstorm provides students with a highly
reconfigurable, programmable platform for doing
small experiments in mobile robotics. Many of the
programming interfaces for the LEGO Mindstorm are
impoverished, limited by the provided runtime. We*
built a compiler for a subset of Scheme, and
targeted pbForth, a Forth environment for the
Mindstorm; what we ended up with was a workable
Scheme that properly handles tail-recursion,
allowing us to begin experimenting with Scheme and
other languages of our own design on the

The SchemeUK group will likely be interested in
this for a number of reasons, but this
presentation will focus mainly on how we did what
we did, and the revelations that came from the
process of attempting to write a cross-compiler
for a cranky and slightly cramped bit of hardware.

* "We" are Brooke Chenoweth, at Indiana University
Bloomington in Bloomington, Indiana, and Matt
Jadud, now at the University of Kent Canterbury,
in Canterbury, Kent. Matt has a thing for
attending universities with palindromic addresses.

** If you'd prefer, we now have a Scheme to Forth
cross compiler, which is really not a particularly
useful thing, we don't think.


Scheme UK is a UK based group of people interested
in the Scheme programming language in particular,
and advanced programming languages in general.  We
are interested in both practical and theoretic
aspects.  We meet on the first Wednesday of each
month.  Newcomers are welcome.

For more details see:


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