[plt-scheme] schemeql

From: Anton van Straaten (anton at appsolutions.com)
Date: Fri Mar 21 11:11:02 EST 2003

Paul Steckler wrote:
> I'm aware of a recently-fixed bug in SrPersist that *might*
> be at work here.  It could be data is getting clobbered by the
> GC.
> There were a couple of static variables that were not
> registered with the GC.  If you have a compiler, add
>   scheme_register_extension_global(&srp_name,sizeof(srp_name));
>   scheme_register_extension_global(&bufferTable,sizeof(bufferTable));

Thanks - I took a look, but those exact lines were already there, in
scheme_initialize in srpersist.cxx.  (I downloaded SrPersist for v202 last

I have previously tried rebuilding the SrPersist DLL, using the ODBC 3.51
headers which I already had with Visual C++ 6.0, but the symptom remained
the same.  I've since switched back to the original DLL.

I've also just tried it with an Access database, and I get exactly the same
results as with SQL Server - I can successfully do a query with SrPersist,
but SchemeQL gives me the same exception.

I'm going to try upgrading to DrScheme 203 just in case, but any other
suggestions are welcome.


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