[plt-scheme] The framework library and standalone executables

From: Norbert Lehmann (Norbert.Lehmann at unifr.ch)
Date: Wed Mar 19 11:33:09 EST 2003


I am trying to create on my Macintosh a standalone executable with
DrScheme, version 203 using the menu-item "Create Executable...".
For that, I have a file called "main.scm" with more or less the
following contents:

(module main mzscheme
  (require (lib "framework.ss" "framework"))
  (require (lib "mred.ss" "mred") (lib "class.ss"))
  (require (lib "include.ss"))

  (include "File1.scm")
  (include "File2.scm")
  (include "File3.scm")
  (define (main)
    <doing something>

By clicking the "Execute" Button, everything is OK and works well.
However, if I try to create a standalone application (not a launcher)
based on MrEd using the menu-item "Create Executable...", then I
get the following error message when starting the created application:

collection-path: collection not found: "icons" in any of: ()


I have seen, that the problem is related to the first line of the
module above, because I was able to create standalone applications
if I don't use the "framework" library.

Is there another solution than copying the appropriate contents (here
in this case, the folder "icons") of the "collects" folder to the
folder where the standalone application is ?


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