[plt-scheme] Trying to program game with Scheme v203

From: Jean-Paul Roy (Jean-Paul.Roy at unice.fr)
Date: Wed Mar 19 03:13:34 EST 2003

But it is possible to choose the avi from a DrScheme GUI and then 
launch an external divx viewer, right ? I am thinking about making a 
DrScheme GUI to choose avi files, mp3 songs, MAME games in my arcade 
cabinet. The keyboard and the mouse could be eliminated and replaced by 
buttons and digital logic joysticks as found in classic arcade 
cabinets, through a keyboard encoder (such as the iPack from 
www.ultimarc.com) which translates the button/stick clicks into 
keyboard equivalents. Up to now on top of Win-XP as I got a spare PC, 
keeping my mac for serious job ;-) Any comment ?...


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