[plt-scheme] DrScheme "jump" in right-click menu

From: Bill Clementson (bc19191 at attbi.com)
Date: Sat Mar 8 13:11:24 EST 2003

In the DrScheme Definitions window, you can right-click on a
function/variable name and "jump" to the definition of it. This is quite
useful when you are trying to understand a Scheme program. However, once
you have "jumped" to the definition, there doesn't appear to be any way
to return to the place you were at in the program. You can right-click
on the definition and select "jump" again; however, unless the
definition is only used in one place in the program (or the instance you
started from is the first instance), you will not return to your
original place in the program.

Is there some shortcut key that will do this "return" operation? If not,
it would be useful to have either a "return" option on the right-click
menu that is active when you have "jump"ed to a definition or a shortcut
key that would do this. Are there any plans to add something like this
to DrScheme?

Bill Clementson

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