[plt-scheme] Unbound variable in CVS 203.5

From: Ken Williams (klw at acm.org)
Date: Fri Mar 7 07:52:30 EST 2003

On Thu, 2003-03-06 at 17:55, Matthew Flatt wrote:

> Changes:

>  * Added `make-semaphore-peek', which can be helpful in implementing
>    custom ports.

After doing the CVS update using

  cvs update -d -r exp

the setup-plt step fails (in numerous places) because this new variable
make-semaphore-peek is unbound in mred.ss:

klw at gollum plt]$ bin/setup-plt -v
setup-plt: Setup version is 203.4
setup-plt: PLT home directory is /usr/local/plt
setup-plt: Collection paths are
setup-plt:   /usr/local/plt/collects
setup-plt: Compiling .zos used by Algol 60
  compiling: /usr/local/plt/collects/mred/mred.ss
/usr/local/plt/collects/mred/mred.ss:7357:28: compile: unbound variable
in module in: make-semaphore-peek
setup-plt: Compiling .zos used by Browser private
  compiling: /usr/local/plt/collects/mred/mred.ss

++ Ken Williams

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