[plt-scheme] MIT Scheme vs. DrScheme

From: mike111 at rcn.com (mike111 at rcn.com)
Date: Thu Mar 6 15:11:23 EST 2003

Hi all,

I just started using scheme for a college computer science 
course which is more concerned with fundamentals of 
programming rather than with language details. MIT Scheme is 
the implementation of scheme used in this course (which is 
based on the Sussman and Abelson book "The Structure and 
Interpretation of Computer Programs"). I am using a Windows 
machine, however, and so DrScheme is a much better 
environment. My question concerns the difference between MIT 
Scheme and DrScheme at a fairly beginner/introductory level. 
What are the differences or where can I find information 
regarding these differences?

Thank You,

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