[plt-scheme] MysterX bug squished

From: Anton van Straaten (anton at appsolutions.com)
Date: Wed Mar 5 12:38:35 EST 2003

> It's amazing that this bug hadn't surfaced before.  That suggests that
> COM server implementors rarely use inheritance in their coclasses.

I think that's true.  The inheritance in this case was for versioning
reasons - newer methods were added to a new interface which inherited from
the old interface.  Other than that, inheritance for traditional subtyping
purposes is not really all that common in COM - mainly, I think, because
most use of COM is simply as an API-creation mechanism, that provides a
simplified view of the internal structure of an application, which is
designed to be as straightforward as possible.  Even in C++ programs with
complex class hierarchies and use of non-COM mixins, in most cases, any COM
interface provided is generally pretty flat.


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