[plt-scheme] availability of RPM for RH 8.0 and DrScheme 203

From: Shriram Krishnamurthi (sk at cs.brown.edu)
Date: Tue Mar 4 08:16:02 EST 2003

I would like to suggest that a more effective strategy than turning
away Steve's (student's) work is to find a way to use it.  Perhaps Eli
can spare a moment to figure out whether the student's bundle is in
any way superior to his?  Maybe the student knows a way out of this
RPM mess.  Or might at least learn something about RPM from Eli. (-:


Paul Steckler wrote:

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> We haven't been putting up RPMs for RedHat because of compatibility
> issues with rpm and run-time libraries.  That is, if we build an RPM for
> RH 8.0, it's not likely to work with other RedHat versions, or even
> upgraded RedHat 8.0 installations.  
> If you look at rpmfind, you'll see distinct packages for each RedHat
> version.  We don't currently have a setup to build all of those.
> Eli Barzilay has suggested that he'd like to build RPMs for different
> versions of RedHat and DrScheme.  He may well be doing so in the 
> Future.
> -- Paul
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> Subject: [plt-scheme] availability of RPM for RH 8.0 and DrScheme 203
> A student of mine has put together an RPM for RH 8.0 & DrScheme 203. 
> I’ve not had a chance to look over it yet, but assuming it does the
> right thing, is there a place on the PLT/Drscheme sites he could upload
> it?
> Thanks,
> Steven

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