[plt-scheme] package management issues

From: Neil W. Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Tue Mar 4 06:34:01 EST 2003

> One would need a separate collects tree for the PLT package system (for
> Debian, under /usr/local/plt or possibly /usr/local/share/plt), and

The Debian packaging of MzScheme and DrScheme already does this, and
other distros can as well.

I recall one difficulty with "setup-plt" installing to non-default
"collects" trees.  I will take a look to see if it's still a problem;
probably an easy fix if so.

> Fitting the PLT package system into the host's native package system 
> (a la Ximian's Red Carpet) would be really neat, but I don't think I can
> justify the level of effort that would require.

Red Carpet is a large amount of coding (including reimplementing some
vendor package tools), and a QA nightmare (they have corrupted more than
a few systems to the point of complete reload from scratch).  I believe
the business case justification for the investment in RC was to
effectively cut itself in as *the* distro/gateway, a la Polese's
Marimba, which would grant much more business leverage than even
controlling the Gnome releases.  I don't think PLT has *quite* such
grand designs on world domination. :)


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