[plt-scheme] Re: Location of MrEd builtin-class definition files

From: Guenther Schmidt (gue.schmidt at web.de)
Date: Sun Dec 21 10:17:10 EST 2003

Dear Matthew,

thanks fow answering.

I believe I've been making some progress on that defining my own classes overriding/passing through of the "on-subwindow-char" thing. :-)

Not quite there yet though.

It's pretty difficult understanding the object system you created, well at least for a Scheme Newbie, but beeing able to get answers from this mailing list helps a lot.

I certainly don't regret having chosen Scheme and PLT in particular for developing, it certainly doesn't feel like "second best". It just anoys me that it takes me that long to wrap my head around it.



Matthew Flatt wrote:

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> At Sun, 21 Dec 2003 01:17:28 +0000, Guenther Schmidt wrote:
>>I can't find the files with the source definitions of choice%, text-field% 
>>etc. Where are they located?
> They're in plt/collects/mred/mred.ss, but those classes build on
> classes that are provided from C, and those classes are implemented
> once for each GUI platform, in plt/src/wxwindow (Windows), plt/src/wxxt
> (X11), and plt/src/wxmac (Mac OS).
> I've been meaning to answer your question about combo boxes (choice
> plus text field). The short answer is that it's a missing widget.
> Providing the platform-specific widget on each GUI platform is probably
> not too difficult, but the resulting text field wouldn't behave quite
> like text-field%, which is implemented using text%. I'm not sure how
> easy it will be to get a combo box that works well with the rest of
> MrEd, but it sounds like you're trying...
> Matthew

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