[plt-scheme] Exposing non-exported module variable bindings

From: Khorev Sergey (Khorev at SoftLab.RU)
Date: Thu Dec 18 04:45:10 EST 2003

> >   3) Since, last time I checked, the schemeunit gui
> > was still broken
> >      when used with CVS versions of DrScheme

> Still?  I didn't even know it was broken :-)  Ryan
> Culpepper did most of the work on the GUI.  I believe
> he's at NEU so maybe you can prod him into fixing it?

The current schemeunit doesn't seem to be broken.
It works with DrScheme-205.9-cvs18dec2003.

Although I'm using SchemeUnit GUI very rarely :)
To avoid loading schemeunit code every time, dynamic-require can be used...

Sergey Khorev
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