[plt-scheme] DrScheme bar that contains "check syntax", "step" , . disappeared!

From: Sean McCorkle (mccorkle at rosebud.bio.bnl.gov)
Date: Wed Dec 17 15:33:19 EST 2003

  Okay.  I give up.  HELP!

  This is the 2nd time the bar containing "check syntax", "step", "execute"
  etc buttons, which is normally at the top of every window, has vanished 
  without a trace from Dr Scheme.  Currently, every window I open now is
  missing this whole bar.  (This is PLT v205, running on MacOSX 10.2.8).  
  I can't seem to locate any mention of a switch for this feature in any 
  of the pulldowns - I can't understand how I managed to make it go away
  or how to make it come back.   Restarting, rebooting and even reinstalling 
  Drscheme haven't helped (the last time, I re-installed v205 and that 
  seemed to work)

  Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated - I'm under the gun and am 
  depending on Scheme for production work. 


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