[plt-scheme] a popup-menu ?

From: TheKoRnKilleR at aol.com (TheKoRnKilleR at aol.com)
Date: Mon Dec 15 13:14:59 EST 2003


I'm developping a little interpreter Prolog with DrScheme and I've a problem 
with a mouse event. I've defined a frame in which I've also defined 2 panels. 
Each one contains an editor-canvas% and its text% associated.

I'd like to open a little popup menu when the mouse right button is clicked 
(with items like "edit","copy","paste" ...). I tried in several ways but no one 
works ...

I think something I don't understand something, but I've sure it should not 
be very difficult to implement.

If somebody can help me. Thank you  all.
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