[plt-scheme] JAVA < -> Scheme

From: Andre Mayers (andre.mayers at usherbrooke.ca)
Date: Mon Dec 8 18:03:34 EST 2003

Does anyone know how to interface mzscheme with java ? 
The interaction will be monitored from the java code 
but I need to keep the mzscheme alive between interaction
(I don't want to reload all the (define ... ) and (set! ...). 

An example will be greatly appreciated. 

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On Mon, 2003-12-08 at 16:59, G. Saini wrote:
> Does anyone know how to interface C++ to from Scheme?

Take a look at "inside mzscheme" (look for the list of DrScheme docs on the
www.plt-scheme.org page). Right off the start it explains how to
extend/embed mzscheme.


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