[plt-scheme] Re: Useful Emacs code when working with PLT Scheme

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Sun Dec 7 23:52:22 EST 2003

On Dec  7, Bill Clementson wrote:
> Hmm, I haven't had any bites yet on my original post,
> so I'll suggest another useful snippet of Emacs code. 
> This code comments out an s-expression using
> multi-line comments (e.g. -- #|...|#).

This is now not needed with the "#;" syntax.

> Anybody else have any useful Emacs code snippets?
> Gosh, it gets a bit embarassing when I have to reply
> to my own posts ;-)

Well, I have lots of Emacs code snippets (about 10K lines of them),
but most of them cannot classify as Scheme (or PLT) specific.

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