[plt-scheme] Re: Vim + MzScheme: Resurrection

From: Zdenek SEKERA (Zdenek.Sekera at cern.ch)
Date: Wed Dec 3 06:44:53 EST 2003

Khorev Sergey wrote:
> Once upon a time, Brent Fulgham created patch for embedding MzScheme in
> Vim...
> Now, it is resurrected, fixed, and reworked. Download it from
> http://iamphet.nm.ru/scheme/vim-mzscheme.diff.gz
> One can build it on Windows (with MSVC) and in *nix. Don't know how to do
> that 
> on Mac. After patching, the Vim's src/auto/configure will contain wrong
> line numbers. The reasons are:
> 	I don't want to include new configure script in a whole.
> 	To regenerate src/auto/configure you can use autoconf-2.13. 
> So, if you want right linenumbers simply type "make autoconf" in Vim's src
> dir.
> I have no illusions about possibility to include 
> in main Vim, but I really need the Right Language Programmability for Vim
> :))
> The sort of documentation can be found at
> http://iamphet.nm.ru/scheme/if_mzscheme.txt
> There are plans to improve Vim's MzScheme interface and add OO-style
> wrappers.

Hmmmm...what is MzScheme?


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